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Tetsuo Ishida

1. Biochemistry, Enzymology, Chemical Biology

2. Name : Tetsuo Ishida

3. E-mail :

4. Phone : +81-98-895-8532

5. Facsimile : +81-98-895-8532

6. Website : in preparation (It will be open in June)

7. Education :

1980: Bachelor of Science, Kyoto University

1984: Doctor of Medicine, Osaka University

1996: Ph.D. in Medical Science

1985-1997: Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry, Shiga University of Medical Science

1997-2007: Associate Professor, Department of Biochemistry, Shiga University of Medical Science

2007-2014: Associate Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Shiga University of Medical Science

2014-present: Professor, Faculty of Science, University of the Ryukyus

8. Research Interests :

 We are concerned with the mechanisms and physiological roles of a large group of enzymes that utilize oxygen molecules in their reaction, especially flavin-dependent oxidases and non-heme Fe2+-containing oxygenases. It should be noted that, as oxygen is a gas, its aqueous concentration is very low, mostly in the range of 0.1–80 μmol/L in biological circumstances, although the oxygen concentration in the air is high, nearly 10 mmol/L.
 Recently, we discovered that the substrate activation of D-aspartate oxidase becomes stronger as the oxygen concentration decreases. In the case of glucose oxidase, strong substrate inhibition is known to appear only in the oxygen concentrations much lower than those of air-saturated solutions. These findings indicate that kinetic characterization of the enzymes at the physiological oxygen levels is important not only to elucidate the biological functions but also to study the reaction mechanisms. However, there is no easy-to-use method to control oxygen concentration in sub- and near-micromolar levels. Currently, to remove this technical obstacle, we are developing a method to directly control the oxygen concentration of a small volume of reaction solutions.
 Many oxidases and oxygenases are involved in the metabolisms of amino acids. In addition, recently, various physiological functions have been discovered for D-amino acids, and many kinds of substances biosynthesized from amino acids are also continuously found. To investigate systematically those amino-acid related metabolism, we have prepared amine-reactive triplet tags, which enable us to perform quantitative comparison of amine levels in three samples at once. At present, we are refining this method for application to animals, plants, and bacteria.

9. Publications

 Recent publications will be found in our laboratory website, which is scheduled for opening in June.

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