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In the Chemistry Program of the Chemistry, Biology, and Marine Sciences Department, students learn the basics of chemistry during their first year. Though we call these studies “basics,” the materials students learn here is very different from the material that students learn in high school. Here students get to witness an entire new world of chemistry that they never experienced in high school, including orbitals, conjugation and resonance, etc. In addition, in our chemistry laboratory classes, we conduct experiments in physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and organic chemistry. For people who like chemistry, these experiments should be incredibly fun! Students write up reports on their experiments together with their classmates, an environment that helps them to deepen the ties between each other. Though in the first year we study only the basics of chemistry, we get more and more specialized in our second and third years, and that's lots of fun. I highly recommend this program for anyone who likes chemistry, or wants to learn more deeply about chemistry. Also, if you take the teacher’s certification class, you can obtain the Junior High School Teacher Certificate in science or High School Teacher Certification in chemistry—so if you want to be a teacher, this is a great program.
I joined the Chemistry Program of the Chemistry, Biology, and Marine Science Department, University of the Ryukyus simply because I like chemistry, and because my favorite high school chemistry teacher graduated from the Chemistry Program. To tell you the truth, I still didn't know in my third year of high school which university or which faculty I wanted to study. It was then that my chemistry teacher talked about university with me. My teacher told me about the Laboratory he used to be in, and since I had always been interested in chemistry, I decided to go there.
In my first year I took the basic classes of Chemistry I and Chemistry II. Since I had never done any experiments before, the fact that we started doing chemistry experiments from the first semester of the first year made this class bewildering to me. However, we used numerous reagents that were noted in my high school text, and when I saw the actual reactions of the experiments, and started making things, it was very exciting.
In my second year, I studied Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, and Analytical Chemistry, including laboratory work. Once we learned a little bit about specialized fields in chemistry, and came to understand the principles behind our experiments, our second-year experiments were even more fun than our first-year experiments. Since the experiment process is slightly more complex, you really feel like you’ve achieved something when you're done!
University is a really fun place where you can learn the things you want to learn, but ultimately it's up to you whether you use the things you learn in university or not. It's great if you can challenge yourself to many things, experience many things, and make your university experience as meaningful as possible.
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