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I learned some chemistry in high school, and I joined the Chemistry, Biology, and Marine Science Department because I wanted to learn more chemistry and possibly work in the field of chemistry in the future. During my first year, we didn't have many chemistry classes, but in the second year we get to study many fields of chemistry including Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, and more. Because we study chemistry on a deeper level than we did in high school, and because we're learning lots of new things, it can be challenging, but by attending lectures of teachers in different fields, you can discover for yourself which field you like, and which field you want to work in in the future. Starting from the second semester of the second year, we do more and more experiments. Since experiment work is hands-on, it's different from learning from a textbook, and it's lots of fun to experience chemical phenomena first hand. Even if you're not a fan of chemistry at first, you'll come to like it if you join this program! In the Chemistry, Biology, and Marine Science Department, our research is concerned with the coral reefs of Okinawa as well as general chemistry, so it's perfect for people who like chemistry, and even more so for people who love the ocean!

Hello! I'm Kunpei Tomochika, and I'm a junior. I came here to the University of the Ryukyus from Tokyo. The reason I chose this university was that I thought it would be incredible to study the marine environment in a place like Okinawa! It was that simple for me. You might think that/s too simple a reason to choose a university, but there are many people who make that decision that way too!
For the first two years, we study the basics of chemistry. We take the subjects you learned in high school, like organic, inorganic, and analytical chemistry, and study them at a deeper, more detailed level. In addition, there are so many surprises when you learn physical chemistry at the university level for the first time. The experiments are fun, and through them we come to understand what we did in class more deeply. In the third year of our studies, we get to pick the marine environment classes we love, like coral reef chemistry, marine inorganic chemistry, and a lot more.
The white lab coat doesn't suit most of the people in the Chemistry Program (laughs), but certainly everyone here is powerful and unique. Part of the great appeal of the chemistry program lies in the friendships and solidarity that develop out of working on reports and tests together.
If you like chemistry, and if you like Okinawa….and you want to enjoy your youth in this beautiful place, come join the Chemistry, Biology, and Marin Science Department Chemistry Program!

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