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I was good at chemistry mathematics in high school. From chemistry in particular I discovered that the more I learned the more I realized that much of the phenomena surrounding us can be traced to the field of chemistry, which greatly piqued my interest. I always wondered "why?" about the characteristics of chemistry, reaction processes, and crystallization color, etc., and that's why I chose the chemistry program.
At our university, we have many students who come from overseas as well as from Okinawa and mainland Japan, which means that we have great diversity in ways of thinking. I've also been able to meet many people here through club activities and different part-time jobs. Specialized chemistry is different from the chemistry we learn in high school, because we do more detailed work on the basics, and at the same time we go deeper. In our experiments, we use equipment that I'd never used before, and we also do measurements with large experimentation equipment.
One time in class, one of my teachers remarked "Chemistry is not something you learn. Leave memorizing to the memorization department!! Science is about logic and reasoning!" I was really inspired by what he said. I'm determined to keep asking "Why?" when it comes to science—that is to have a pure, open attitude and spirit of inquiry toward science. With this in mind I want to keep learning and to enjoy my campus life to the fullest. Why not join us to learn about the science of chemistry with us - we're lots of fun here!
University is different from high school in that you get to think, study, and proceed how you want freely, making choices as you go along. In other words, you are no longer going down a path that someone has prepared; instead you are clearing a path yourself. Your life is your life alone. Of the many choices open to you, you need to choose the optimal one for yourself.
To achieve this, it's good to keep on taking up challenges in things you are interested in. Your experiences will definitely clear the way for you. If you move forward without being afraid of failure, then a wonderful future will definitely open up to you.
I joined the Chemistry Program here at the Chemistry, Biology, and Marine Science Department of the Faculty of Science here at the University of the Ryukyus in order to find my own way. Many people might tend to believe from our department name that we learn mostly about the marine environment, but that's not true: in the Chemistry Program we get a solid basis in chemistry. At the same time, if students want to learn about the oceans, then this is also the environment to do that!
I decided to come to the University of the Ryukyus from Hokkaido not only because I was interested in chemistry, but also because I wanted a chance to get to know the climate here in Okinawa. People from other prefectures who get to know the warm climate and good nature of the Okinawan people will come to like it here for sure!
Our department gets a particularly large number of people from around the country. If you are interested in chemistry, and you want to make friends from around the country, come join us at the Chemistry Department!
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